Client Base

We offer a wide array of services, tailored to your needs and wants. Whether you are the CEO or the office manager, service and comfort is equally important.

Discretion, comfort and, possibly more important than anything else, efficient use of your time, are among the many benefits of using BLS Business Class. Put simply you can't afford to not use us.

The employees of a large corporation, the small business owner or the independent consultant all have one thing in common, they need to get somewhere by some when and more often than not, driving yourself is, plainly put, a waste of time. Getting lost on the back roads of a foreign country, or getting stuck in traffic on the expressway, subsequently being late for that all-important meeting will be sure to ruin your day. Not to mention putting that large, new order at risk.

We help people get to where they are going, on time and with a minimum of hassle. We are professionals and we would use our services.